London Fashion Week & Social Media: The Good & Bad Points

Despite London Fashion Week now being over, the social hype is still going on, and while the internet has made it better for consumers to follow London Fashion Week without having to be a ‘somebody’, there are concerns that there is too much information floating around which questions the quality of sources spreading these updates. 

The London Fashion Week Daily newspaper has already back lashed against ‘Twagerism’ (plagiarism on Twitter) where members of the social media platform are quoting other peoples tweets as their own and not crediting them “No one has the guts to go up to a designer anymore and ask, they just re-tweet. It’s so lazy, not to mention bad manners”. As much as this annoys bloggers, designers and brands, content on social networks fly around so fast now it might just be hard to monitor these types of ‘bad’ Tweeters. 

There are many consumers now that are enjoying the chance to get involved with Fashion Week online (Mashable even wrote an article on how to follow it) and brands are taking this opportunity to better engage with fans, as well as advertising and of course selling. The positive of social media from the brands point of view is that chatter can be measured by sentiment, giving key information into what’s liked, disliked, and shared. The people sharing information are promoting brands for free and giving real insights into predicting the success of collections and events. #LFW had an average mention of every 14 seconds online during the actual week of events, with the majority of mentions positive and linking to image websites. Edited also rounded up the buzz trends in a report that illustrated favourite designers, styles and prints, as well as key looks from the catwalks (see image below).

With technology and social platforms constantly updating, chatter around Fashion Week or even fashion events will grow immensely. It won’t just be Vogue bringing in the news but loyal brand ambassadors and social influencers. Let’s see how the hype evolves in February.


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