Independent Fashion Bloggers Event

On Friday I was lucky enough to be able to pop down to the Independent Fashion Bloggers Event 'Crystals & Crumpets at the Swarovski Crystallized Lounge in London West End where the likes of Susie Bubble of Style Bubble, Shini of Park and Cube, Nadia Sanwar of FrouFrou, YM Ousely of Signature9 and Mattias Senson of Bloglovin spoke about the business of blogging. 

After being offered sandwiches, prosecco, scones and other delicious cakes us bloggers got to mingle before sitting down for the panel discussion that covered topics such as advertising on your blog, freelance writing, guest blogging, being part of campaigns, becoming a stylist, bringing out your personality on your blog, brand licencing, focused networks, whether bloggers should be paid for certain work, maintaining a constant voice, and blogging ethics. 

I think that the most valuable advice and techniques spoken about is for bloggers that want to become successful need to become something bigger than themselves. It is the power of influence that bloggers provide that makes them unique, whether this is from helping other people when it comes to applying style and choosing products, to those that are just a great resource for fashion news and trends. 

Exclusivity, pushing beyond boundaries, and personality really pays off when acquiring fans and followers and deciding whether a blogger wants to be just themselves or want to become a brand is also important as readers could get easily confused. 

Personal style stories are current favourites when relating to followers and fans, and it is also important to know who their followers are to make sure posts are about something they understand. When it comes to other people in the industry asking bloggers to help them write articles / research then it is good to know when to say no. Bloggers shouldn't feel pressurised to work for no money unless they are comfortable with the situation and think it will benefit them in the future due to the experience. 

Bloggers need to know what exposure is good exposure and therefore network within circles that will bring out the best in them. They need presence online but only in relevant places. There is loads of competition amongst bloggers now so they need to stand out from the others. 

Bloggers also need to realise that they won't be noticed amongst the rest unless they show a clear passion for what they are writing about / displaying. Bloggers that just want to be famous are going to find it difficult to get loyal followers and spamming people won't work.  

"I See My Blog As My Baby, It Will Die If I Don't Feed It" (Susie Bubble)

There is also a difference when reviewing products that have been sent to bloggers. I.e A blogger might write differently if they was to buy the item out of their own money rather than being sent one for free so it is defiantly good to reference whether products are for promotional reasons. 

Sometimes it's worth bloggers checking out forums for inspiration and advice as they can seem to have more honest opinions than other social networks and people speak more freely. 

The internet is a quick route to a career, however there are only a fair few bloggers who blow up the spotlight overnight. Most bloggers need to work hard and maintain persistence. 

Overall a very interesting and informative afternoon, and congratulations to Style Eyes for winning the Mad Hatters competition and recieveing £200 to go towards some gorgeous Swarovski Jewlery

Other great bloggers I met included Sarah from Daily Polish, Ronke from The Musings Of Ondo Lady, Claire from Giggles & Fits, and the lovely Jennie Jacob founder of Independent Fashion Bloggers.


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