Ad Tech London Seminar Overview

Ad Tech is an event in Olympia that attracts digital marketers from all over the globe. I went down to check it out Thursday afternoon to see if I could gain any new insight into future trends within the online marketing world.

The Truth Is Out There: A Qualitative Approach To Digital Marketing

The first seminar I attended featured Userlytics who spoke about new processes in collecting qualitative information online which I found really informative. The key method Alejandro (CEO) spoke about was approaching a clients target demographic via social media portals to then ask them to participate in research in their own homes, and in their own time. The subjects will then either be monitored or recorded via webcam when talking part in a task so honest emotional and behavioural results will be discovered. This method decreases biased opinions and the possibility of the subject feeling self conscious which is something marketers have been worried about in the past when it comes to face to face questionnaires and surveys. Subjects will feel more comfortable and less distracted so they are less likely to answer how they think they ‘should’ answer, and therefore answer with as much truth as possible. This method has so far been used to test editorial content, video content and users journey on websites. It is a low cost method which can be used anytime and anywhere and has already made big impacts.

The Relationship Between Innovation, Creativity & Content

The second seminar I attended was a Getty Images presentation that talked about the rising trend of Crowdsourcing images for marketing campaigns via portals such as iStock Photo’s and Flickr. Consumers are warming to imagery in advertisement that relates to their visual taste influences that they are currently getting from social media and blogs because they are getting a sense of realness and emotion. Before now most advertisers were using images that illustrated perfection, however now the traditional rules of photography are broken to try and create a ‘cheap camera’, unpretentious feel.

Professional curation of photos online from the ‘average Joe’ is now an easy and popular way to get images to immediately show a definitive metaphor. This is attracting people because of truthfulness, honesty, and believability, and therefore makes businesses more money.

T-mobile, Puma and Lurpack are some of the few brands that have already spotted and developed this style of advertising. It will be interesting to see how far it will go and who will be the next brand trying to draw in the ‘normal’ consumer.


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