Casadei S/S 2012 Collection

For Spring Summer 2012 Casadei offers a broad range of sexy, feminine designs that underscore the unique skills practiced by this venerable Italian shoe brand. “This collection represents a cocktail of my personal obsessions,” says Creative Director Cesare Casadei. “I have been thinking non-stop about python, color, design, music and rich materials but wanted to mix them with the special techniques and craftsmanship that only we can achieve.” As always, the proprietary colors and materials  are custom made to Casadei’s exacting specifications while fits are perfected for supreme lightness and comfort.  The result is a collection of totally unique creations for a woman who is not afraid to take center stage.

PYTHON:  Inspired by Jim Morrison’s “Celebration of the Lizard”

Python, reinterpreted in a multitude of new ways, represents a key focus in the collection.  Used in both its true form as well as inventive replicas, this exotic skin is Casadei’s summer statement. An intricate laser cut embossing technique, for example, has recreated the exotic skin with three different finishings: a shiny patent calf leather in glossy bright colors, a metallic leather in gold, rose gold, pewter and bronze, and a matte leather version in an earth palette. In another treatment, python is printed onto raffia that features a natural-looking, scaly surface. Real python skin, offered in a T-strap flat sandal and perfect point toe pump, completes the offering.

ARCHITECTURE:  Design Objects in Motion  

Art and design are on-going sources of inspiration for Cesare Casadei. This season, the experimental works of Lucio Fontana and Alexander Calder have inspired intricate structures that create moving sculptures for the feet.     With the Calder wedge, Casadei has reinterpreted the artist’s concept of space, using two abstract elliptical elements in wood or metal to frame precious materials.   The Fontana wedge conveys a sense of geometric three dimensionality with its deep polished wood and steel frames. The negative space bounces off a cork exterior and neon interior, creating a sense of perspective. Also sculptural is the Blade Wedge, an evolution of Casadei’s famous blade stiletto heel, which features a sharp sliver of metal that slices through patent leather wedge.

ELASTIC:  Inspired by Studio 54 and the Disco Era

Casadei’s technical stretch fabrics have been highly developed in a broad new offering that can be slipped on like a second skin.  As practical as they are innovative, the materials include a stretch neon elasticized netting as well as a photo printed python.  A two-tone iridescent stretch material, made from a super fine metal and elastic fiber weave, was designed specifically by Casadei to create a holographic effect.

FLUORESCENT:  Techno Neon for Today

Shocking fluorescent colors - lemon, lime, bubblegum, and orange - are the new tantalizing summer fetish.  For a full effect, Casadei’s signature Blade stiletto heel is now offered in a series of neon patent leather bodies. Alternatively, fluorescent is used as an accent like the piping on the new Blade wedge sandal featured in black leather, wood, or clear vinyl. Fluorescent straps are also a new detail when intermixed with leather or patent straps above cork wedge heels or the Fontana heel with neon trim.  

A perfect balance between music, color, naturals and wearable design, the collection synthesizes Casadei’s world of footwear in Technicolor.    


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