How Celebrities Inspired Catwalk Trends

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Just like paintings by the famous painters have been inspired by real people or events, fashion designers also have their own muses to help them create amazing looks. Celebrities are just as much an inspiration for catwalk as they are the vehicles to showcase the latest designs. 

So how have celebrities inspired catwalk trends? Here are some of the most famous examples. 

The Chic Elegance 

Some of the most famous designers of the fashion world always take inspiration from the strength of celebrity women. In the early days, Audrey Hepburn’s elegance inspired Hubert de Givenchy to design that famous black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  

Furthermore, the chic and effort style of Diane Kruger had Jason Wu design a handbag called ‘the Diane’ for his 2015 spring collection. Perhaps even more famous is the example of the ‘Birkin’ bag. A designer in Herm├Ęs overheard Singer and actress Jane Birkin complaining about the lack of elegant bags. To make Birkin find exactly that bag, the famous ‘Birkin’ bag was developed!  

Celebrity women have truly inspired the catwalk with the poise and elegance they have. Even things such as their strong statements towards society have made their way on the catwalk. For this, you only need to look at Madonna’s style from the 80s and you’ll immediately notice it being reflected on the catwalk. 

The Outrageous Characters 

Celebrities like singers Lady Gaga and David Bowie have changed the catwalk as well because of their outrageous and brave style. For these celebrities style and fashion is much more than just wearing clothes, it is a part of their artistic style and the outfits they wear are as much a statement of the personality and creation as their songs are. 

For many designers, this is another way to look at celebrities – it is the connection of the clothes you wear and the message you are sending out with the clothes. Celebrities with the outrageous looks will always be a great inspiration for fashion designers. 

The Statement Pieces 

As mentioned above, celebrities can also influence the catwalk trends with their social message. One of the most recent examples of this sort of partnership is between the great Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow. 
 Paltrow is very passionate about health and the environment, something that is evident in McCartney’s clothing line as well. McCartney’s streamlined and understated catwalk trends have been highly influenced by Paltrow’s own style and way to view the world. 

The Timing 

Celebrities of course come and go, and in today’s high-paced world styles change in an instant as well. Fashion designers are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing and they are very good at sensing which celebrity will be on top next. 

You could instantly see Michelle Obama influencing the catwalks with her elegant yet feminine style after her husband became the president. When the royal wedding was approaching, the chic British elegance was all over the catwalks. It’ll be exciting to see which celebrities influence the catwalk next! 

Do you have a favourite celebrity and fashion designer partnership? Let me know in the comments and remember to check the website for new fashion trends!


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