Self Endorsement

Everybody that has a social media account will have noticed the ever increasing amount of self endorsement status updates flooding their feeds lately. Emotional status' are definitely the 'sharable' thing right now, and we are all guilty of liking and re-tweeting that "hell yeah" statement because we all adopt a kind of alternative social personality online. 

I find it interesting reading what content people like, share and comment on online because the information seems relevant to my social personality, but not necessarily to my real personality. After all, I imagine half of the people that share these visual statements, wise words, and epiphanies wouldn't dare say or live by them in their everyday lives, the same as i wouldn't. 

These types of posts will live on and continue to be popular for a long time because, in some strange way they make us feel more connected to other people.  

I kind of wanted to lead my above thoughts to this really cool post I found on High Existence that lists 25 expressions you should have in your vocabulary. Basically the popularity of art in vocabulary is something that is trending more on social now. Again, this aligns people with a personality (intelligence) in the digital world that they may not actually adhere to in the real world. 

Nevertheless I think its really cool. 

I will probably share this on Facebook now!
Words To Live By
Image Via High Existence


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