Backpacks & Clubs: Fashion Nightmare:

This is a topic that has been annoying my friends and me for a while now. Why do people insist on keeping their fully loaded backpacks on whilst in bars, and especially in clubs?

I know backpacks have regained popularity due to more fashionable designs, and convenience; but please notice that the majority of stylish establishments do allow customers to use a cloakroom.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that you need to carry your stuff around with you; but I just don’t want to be squashed into it when I’m trying to walk around or dance.

……..Maybe I should give them a taste of their own medicine and wear this wire Eastpak bag next time I go out? 

Eastpak Wire Rucksack

Eastpak Wire Rucksack
Eastpak Wire Rucksack


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