Beware Of Online Filter Bubbles

Today I watched a very interesting Ted video from the playlist; Our Digital Lives, that challenges the internet's increasingly evolving algorithms to the way individual users get information. 

As a growing social consultant I am increasingly interested in the ways in which online platforms are changing experiences on a personalised basis, however it now seems as though this may be holding back content that is still important but seen as less relevant via tools that monitor somebody's online behaviour. 

Facebook is a great example discussed in the video as it is used by millions of people everyday. Due to the algorithms updates on this platform brands and users now have to put aside budgets to promote their updates, users have to manually change settings to ensure they get these updates, and all in all it is becoming a harder and more complicated network to use effectively. 

Eli Pariser explains that we are all in our own online filter bubbles and that we should be having more control on what we want to let in and what to leave out instead of it being automatically decided for us. 

I found this video very informative, and Iam sure this technique will be discussed further in the future. 

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