Social Etiquette - Why Are We All So Desperate Online?

There are many tech publishers talking about the concern of authenticity for brands that have been buying fake followers for social platforms, and users online feeling suffocated by the daily amount of useless content filling their timelines that they don’t care about or even bother really paying attention to.

So why do brands and people act desperate on social media?

There is of course the need to fell popular and wanted as much as we do in the “real world”, however we would never really act the way we do online in our offline lives. An article I come across recently by Simply Zesty illustrates this;

It is also acted out well by Jolyon in the BBC show ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised” in the video below.

So maybe next time we add a “friend” (or a person that we just want to spam with events but don’t really want to talk to personally), or tweeting #TeamFollowBack , maybe we should think about this in real life and realise that it might just be a desperate waste of time.

This is just a trail of thought I had that I thought would be relevant for Social Media Week.