Social Fashion Overload: Are There Too Many Fashion Portals?

I was reading a report today from Simply Zesty about how real time social streams, although great; are getting a bit too much for people to handle. Niall (who wrote the article) talks about how noise is a big problem in social media and it would be easier for everyone to be able to access a place where all social media accounts were together, saving time and effort on logging into places separately, as well as managing conte

After completely agreeing with this article, I started to think of social fashion portals; something which I have been researching and experimenting a lot with lately. In my opinion there are a lot out there, which doesn’t surprise me as fashion is an almighty popular topic online (having a social mention average of every 12 seconds). Some are good, and some are great, however I lay dormant in most of them not because they are not interesting, but because I can’t keep up.

I got excited when I received e-mails asking if I wanted to preview sites like LookVille, or discovered style hunting sites such as Fashiolista and Chiq, however after the trend caught on, more places are starting to have endless amounts of random product sharing, people you don’t know asking you if they look good, and bombarding advertisement along with 27 e-mail updates a day.

I understand the eCom potential here when linking products to stores; however with so much information going around how do people know what’s fresh? Do they know if they can buy these products in their location? And is it even relevant to the particular user?

Like social media, I think that it would be useful for these portals to be more personalised, and useful to a particular person. I love fashion, but all the content and recommendations from these sites are a bit overwhelming.

I’m with Niall here. Having a place for all of these would be very useful....

Let me know when it’s ready!


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