Bullett Magazine Spring Issue

New Transmedia Company’s Flagship Medium Curates Avant-Garde Fashion, Art, Film, Music and Culture for the Trendsetting Crowd

Featuring Collaborations With Stephen Moyer, Kristen Wiig, Carla Gugino, Jena Malone, Ariel Pink, Lupe Fiasco…

NEW YORK (April 1, 2011) – BULLETT Magazine, the unisex, feature-packed, high-gloss, quarterly publication and flagship medium of BULLETT, a 360-degree “transmedia” company showcasing creative, user-specific content across the gamut of modern media delivery methods, is pleased to announce its spring issue will hit newsstands across the country on April 5, 2011. BULLETT’s highly anticipated second issue features over 300 aesthetically and mentally stimulating pages packed with in-depth interviews, cutting edge art, and mesmerizing photography worth more than a thousand words.

Standing apart as a powerful medium through which up-and-comers and household names alike are given the reigns to speak in an authentic voice and portray a genuine image, BULLETT collaborates with talent to understand their artistic vision and then helps execute it. Through creative photo shoots and interviews vetted – and often co-created – by the very subjects, BULLETT sends the message the artist wants you to hear and uncovers the person they want you to see.

BULLETT’s mission is to give actors, musicians, artists and other well-known talent the opportunity to portray themselves in the light THEY want to be seen in, not as mere puppets – as is often the case,” says co-founder and editor-in-chief Idil Tabanca.  “For instance, we shot Jena Malone’s story at her house and she directed the short film herself; she drew up the storyboard, pulled inspirations…everything. BULLETT goes deeper, to the root of the person, and this is how we’re able to attract such amazing talent; they WANT to be turned inside out and they believe in our ability to do so."
BULLETT Magazine features exceptional individuals, places, fashion and aesthetics that appeal to both the fashion savvy female and trendsetting male. Its unisex-focused content seeks to enlighten readers, open minds and alter perceptions about everything from beauty, film, music and fame; to travel, art, luxury fashion and culture. The layout is minimalist, engaging and aesthetically pleasing and its editors carefully preen each issue to include a fusion of upcoming talent and legendary icons.

“The theme of the spring issue – and what we tried to capture through photos and words – is the relationship between illumination and technology,” says creative director and co-founder Sah D’Simone. “These two forces have become interrelated, no longer separate concepts, and the interviews and photo spreads we feature touch upon this new ‘awakening.’ Though most of our interview subjects identified technology as an ‘evil’ force a select few, like Current TV founders Max Lugavere and Jason Silva, see it as a tool for humankind to better itself.”

The following represents a handpicked sampling of coverage featured in the spring issue. The issue is broken up into four sections: Fashion, Music, Film and Arts & Culture.

In “Return to the Soft Gore,” BULLETT gets raw with True Blood actor, Stephen Moyer, in a cinematic photo shoot and interview at The Viper Room in L.A. Moyer opens up about his obsession with the “dark, scratchy side of the world,” his dogs’ passports, and his loathing of excess plastic.

In “Would You Accept Free Sandwiches from Kristen Wiig,” BULLETT features a colorful photo shoot and interview with the refreshingly versatile comedienne, where she shares aspirations and anecdotes for the coming year – and how she got fired for giving free sandwiches to the basketball team while working at a pizza sub shop.

BULLETT introduces Lea Seydoux, the 25 year-old French actress and model that appeared in Inglorious Basterds and is just beginning to pervade the American film market, via an in-depth interview. Lea discuses her love for the awkwardness in America and all of the lonely people – with whom she can relate. “I feel like a homeless child, in a way. So when I meet someone, if someone puts me in his movie, it’s like I always have a new family...for me it’s intimate…”

Jena Malone who “Invites You to a Performance of The Shrine of the Goldenhawk,” opened her home to BULLETT to talk green screens, future media, and her young and brilliant career. She says that what turns her on is “good light, being overwhelmed, good food, nice wine, strange found artifacts and when nature overtakes an urban landscape.” She is looking forward to being involved in creating a soundscape for the video BULLETT shot for her. 

James Frain offers BULLETT a hilarious and witty interview in “Fellow Venerable,” where he discusses his love for sketching and jokes about his desire to play in a Lifetime movie of Judge Judy.

Lykke Li “Speaks in Wounded Ryhmes,” about her plan to confront her demons as she hits the road again and crisscrosses continents on a massive tour.

Ariel Pink, Los Angeles-based recording artist often associated with the freak folk scene, gives BULLETT what he claims is his last interview before venturing into an acting career. In “Ready for Hollywood,” BULLETT writer and fellow musician Tyler Parkford sits on Ariel’s living room floor to find out why we should care about his music and his next career move. Pegged by Tyler as “the most brilliant songwriter since the turn of the millennia,” he discusses kids, travel, VHS tapes, and his dream of growing up and becoming “a child actor.” He wants BULLETT to help him make a short film…

Lupe Fiasco opens up to BULLETT in “Total Recall” about world politics, climbing a mountain with Jessica Biel, and his favorite writers.

BULLETT is a 360-degree “transmedia” company showcasing creative, user-specific content across the gamut of modern media delivery methods. BULLETT is a print, digital, interactive and mobile platform that serves as a go-to guide for the savvy young professional, the social influencer and the trend-conscious consumer. An eye for identifying the latest trends, brands and news before it becomes mainstream, the BULLETT team of unique pioneers work relentlessly to establish and maintain an opinionated perspective that shines through each and every feature included within.
“We try to collaborate with the talent as much as possible so their vision and our vision can collide into something beautiful,” says art director and co-founder James Orlando. “Carla Gucino came up with the detective concept featured in the spring issue, over drinks. She said she’s fascinated by detectives’ observation and analysis of the human psyche and wanted her feature to integrate this world. And she also came up with the idea of including text on the photos written by the ‘detective.’”

BULLETT launched its digital platform in summer 2010 and the premiere issue of BULLETT Magazine hit newsstands in winter 2010. BULLETT TV launched in winter 2010 and the iPad app will debut in summer 2011. BULLETT Magazine’s spring issue will be available on April 5, 2011.

To Find Out More: www.BullettMagazine.com


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